My IRAN Experience as a Female


I heard of a collector of revenues, who desolated the houses of the subjects, in order to fill the king’s coffers; regardless of the maxim of the sages which says, “Whosoever offended the most high to gain the heart of a fellow creature, God will make that very creature the instrument of his destruction.”
The burning flame from wild rue raises not such a smoke,
As is occasioned by the sighs of the afflicted heart.
They say, that the lion is the king of beasts, and the ass the meanest of animals, but the sages agree, that the ass who carries burdens, is preferable to the lion, that destroy the mankind.

~ A Tale From Gulistan of Sa’adi ~

 ” Aggrieved because I had no shoes, I shuffled down the street. Till someone cried: ‘There stumping goes a man who has no feet’. Then  was I instantly aware that I from pain was free, and thanked God, the Compassionate for all He’d given me. ”

~ Gulistan of Sa’adi ~